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Skelth (EU)

In order to place an order through paypal and find out the price in USD - write to our operator in the chat  or Skype: l2gnomru

The amount of the discount depends on the amount of the order. The larger the package gold, the greater the discount! If you have questions or you want to place an order for another amount - contact the operator in Skype or online consultant (on the right side).



 60кк = 30EUR.


 120кк = 55EUR.
 240кк = 100EUR.



Bladedancer, 72 - 165Eur.
Prophet, 70 - 165Eur.
Spoil, 68 - 120 Eur. 
Gladiator, 70 - 110 Eur.
Warsmith, 70 - 130 Eur.
Shillien Elder, 74 - 175Eur.
Treasure Hunter, 72  - 100 Eur.
Necromancer, 77 - 190 Eur.
Ant Queen Ring 3 lvl - 400Eur.
Accessories - Black Ore set +6 -90Eur.
blue wolf heavy set +6 - 150Eur.
Doom heavy set +6 - 100Eur.
Avadon magic set +6  - 100Eur.

Paypal payment is made in manual mode according to the operator's instruction.

To buy, write to us on Skype: l2gnomru or online operator in the chat